Crooked Mouth Music is the record label of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Nerissa Campbell.

Nerissa Campbell grew up in towns along the coast of Western Australia and on the island of Bali. Her family settled in the capital city of Perth where she attended the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, earning a degree in Music: Jazz composition & performance. Currently based in Brooklyn, N.Y., she has released four albums under her own label, Crooked Mouth Music: Paint Me Orange (2003), Musings of a Telescopic Tree (2009), Blue Shadows (2012), and After The Magic (2016). She has also appeared on several albums by post-metal band A Storm of Light, and is a performing member of New York's Balinese gamelan, Dharma Swara.


Campbell started Crooked Mouth Music in 2003 after recording her first album, Paint Me Orange. Her 'calling the world of jazz' (The West Australian), was an album of original jazz vocal music that came at a time when jazz vocalists were not encouraged to produce original music. After hearing a big label tell her that they would sign her if she would sing standards, "so people will be able to tell if you're good", she decided to start her own label. Committed to original music that because of its nature is unclassifiable by industry standards, Nerissa Campbell's music sits between the worlds of jazz, traditional blues, singer-songwriter, and folk music. She loves exploring sounds that create a distinct mood, usually one of saudade - longing, melancholy, and nostalgia. 


Nerissa Campbell's fourth album, After The Magic, was released in March 2016 with support from the Australian Arts Council New Works grant. It explores the use of Balinese Gamelan, a jazz trio, fleeting guitars and moody instrumentals. To learn more about the project, visit: nerissacampbell.com


To learn more about Nerissa, please visit: nerissacampbell.com

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“…melancholic, Cat Power-like lyrics, a Billie Holiday-esque timbre and a touch of Norah Jones in her swooping croon, tumultuous emotions characterize Nerissa Campbell’s [music]” -xpress magazine

“Nerissa Campbell explores a tricky, dark emotional landscape, lit with fleeting flashes of joy... You can get caught up in the late night jazz club ambience, but there’s always some hint of lost love and loneliness lurking around the corner; the New York City streets she sings about are deserted and poorly lit” - little village

“Moving. [Musings of a Telescopic Tree] is a personal, interesting and intimate album.” -audio magazyn

“[Nerissa] is in that Billie Holiday mold. Her voice is mysterious, elegant, and moody.” -the daily iowan 

“Smoky-voiced songs of good bourbon and bad love affairs” -time out london

“Her songwriting recalls Tom Waits, but her voice is sweet and clear. She finds her own way around a melody, eschewing the cheap flourishes of lesser singers.” -little village

“Campbell demonstrates an innovative vocal approach to lyrics. She shows insight as a composer and her risk-taking as a vocalist is admirable and appealing.” -jazznow

"Incredible... what a voice!” -radioiojazz